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Form Hosting

You can also have your forms (HTML source) hosted at FormBuddy. This feature is available under the "My Forms" link in the member area (Click here to login).

Free members can have a maximum of 3 forms hosted at FormBuddy whereas GOLD members can have unlimited forms hosted at FormBuddy.

Once you are ready with the HTML source of the page containing your form, you can click on the "My Forms" link present in the members area and then click on the link that says "Click here to host a new form". You will then be prompted to enter the HTML source of your form. You will also be prompted to choose a unique name for your form.

Once you have done this, your form will be accessible at:

where username represents your FormBuddy username and formname represents the form name that you had chosen in the step above.

You must add a link to the above page from your website so that your visitors can access your form.

A word of caution

Please note that as per our terms of service you may not send the above link to anyone via e-mail/instant messaging. You can place the link only in your website. Violators' forms will be removed without any notice.

A short FAQ on this feature

While hosting the form, do I need to paste just the HTML for the form alone or the HTML for the entire page containing the form?
You need to paste the HTML for the entire page containing your form.

Are there any special instructions for setting up the forms hosted at FormBuddy?
No, they are exactly similar to setting up a normal form. Click here for instructions.

What about images and other objects in my form page?
We currently do not store images and other objects that might be part of your form page. You must host such images and objects in your server and must directly link them from your server.

Any new questions can be addressed to me by filling up this form.

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